{ Patti Smith Covers }

Hand-cut tesseracts for Patti Smith's books M Train and Just Kids, and one for her first album Horses.

Patti has a way of finding the divine in places, objects and people, and her love for them all seems to transcend space and time – much like a tesseract. She has always held on dearly to personal talismans; gifts from childhood friends, cigar boxes, or worn-out slippers, so it was important to use a tangible medium to respect this aspect of Patti.

The colours also reflect the contents of each: Just Kids is black and white with a trace of blue forming a star in the middle, as Patti and Robert used to call each other their ‘Blue Star’s; M Train is browns and sepia tones to reflect nostalgia, memory, and dusty photographs, since the book is illustrated through Patti's own polaroids; Horses was left in black, white and grey to represent the grittiness of the New York City punk scene in the '70s – the time and place this record was recorded and released.